Benefits of Lavender - essential oil, tea - Aromatherapy

Lavender, the blossom of seduction

Lavender is an over 2500 years old herb, that is fragrant, colourful, and in a paradoxical way it has  stimulating, exciting and sedative effects at the same time.

 passinate lavender

The connection between lavender and love goes back to ancient times. Roman women placed lavenders next to their beds to amplify passion. Even Cleopatra used it for seduction, to lure Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony. Later in the middle ages girls cooked a lavender concoction on St. Lucas day, to find out who their loves would be. Lavender placed into the pillows of girls held the promise of love. And young couples put a bouquet of lavender under their beds increase their passion.

lavender fields

Lavender against impotence

Lavender is used in a variety of anti-impotence remedies, because it is capable of a mild enhancement of hyperaemia and it has a stimulating effect. Lavender oil dropped into bath water also increases hyperaemia, but it can also be excellently used by rubbing in, and as massage oil.

Besides it is a very effective remedy, because it relaxes the exhausted nerves, and helps get attuned to each other.

And really, experiences show, that for women it is a lot easier to pay attention to their husbands after an exhausting day and get ready for a romantic encounter, if they have the time to take a lavender oil bath beforehand, and to scent the bed-linen and the bedroom well in advance, with lavender pillows, perhaps even enhance the lavender scent with a candle vaporizer, as well.