Benefits of Lavender - essential oil, tea - Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy with lavender

You can use aromatherapy at home as a gently and pleasurable remedy. Lavender oil is one of the most versatile volatile oils and the only one, which can be placed directly on the skin as well. Perhaps this is the reason it is referred to as the pearl of aromatherapy.


For the preparation of the oil the freshly and intensely fragrant blossom of lavender is used, which keeps our hands scented for the whole day even if we just hold it once.

Volatile oils, when inhaled have a proven effect on our vital life functions, as on heartbeat, blood-pressure, breathing and the digestive system.

We can use lavender oil inhaled, for example, because it has an excellent effect on our respiratory organs, if we have caught a cold, or we have a facial-cavity inflammation or bronchitis. Mixed in bathwater it’s excellently suitable to ease cramps, alleviate joint pains, but it also conditions our skin, protects its elasticity and smoothness. Mixed with a drop of menthe and rubbed on the temple headaches and migraines can be treated with it.

It’s extremely important that we always purchase 100% purity, natural oils for this purpose, because synthetic chemicals aside from the fact, that they are fragrant, are useless for anything else. It’s worth choosing volatile oils in dark bottles, on the label if which the name and accessibility of the manufacturer and the type of the volatile oil is shown.


Massage oil that may even be used on babies

10 drops lavender volatile oil
4 drops orange-blossom volatile oil
2 drops camomile volatile oil
4 oz (120 ml) apricot-pit volatile oil

Bath oil for small children and babies

5 drops lavender volatile oil
2 drops camomile volatile oil
1 oz (30 ml) of lukewarm milk
1 teaspoonful of honey

Stress relaxing volatile oil mix for vaporizer or bathwater

1 drop lavender volatile oil
1 drop lemon volatile oil
3 drops muscat-sage volatile oil