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Lavender reduces the fear of dentistry

Anxiety of dental treatment is reduced in waiting halls of dentist’s offices with lavender scent, maintain the researchers of the King’s College of London lead by Metaxia Kritsidima.

In the course of a study conducted on 340 patients, half of the patients waited for dental treatment in a traditional waiting hall, while the other half waited in a lavender scented waiting hall. In the waiting hall the lavender scent was produced by a candle vaporizer, where a few drops of lavender oil were dripped into the vaporising water.

The research proved, that in the lavender scented waiting hall the anxiety and fear of dental treatment of patients was reduced, irrespective of the type of procedure (routine check-up, cavity filling etc.). This is very good news for dentists as well, since they can also work more effectively if their patients are less anxious.

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