Benefits of Lavender - essential oil, tea - Aromatherapy

Lavender oil as a natural mosquito repellent

mosquito lavender oil

At the beginning of the mosquito invasion we have burning need for a mosquito repellent. Well, let’s see what possibilities are at our disposal.

Lavender is an herb with a very strong fragrance, which provides remedy for a number of ailments, starting with head-ache through stress to muscle stretching. The fragrance of lavender, however, explicitly repels mosquitos.

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What does the store bought mosquito repellent contain?

DEET is one of the most common ingredients of the mosquito repellents and lotions, which we use on ourselves and on our small children. It’s absorbed through the skin, from where it gets into the bloodstream. According to various contradicting research it is either not harmful or it damages the nerve cells of the brain, well doesn’t it matter. Its repellent is unquestionable, however, its use especially in large amounts and regularly deserves consideration.
If it is important to us what kind of chemicals we spread on ourselves or on our child, we will certainly be glad that natural mosquito repellent substances that provide alternative solutions exist.

How should we use lavender oil against mosquitos?

To make use of the mosquito repellent effect of lavender oil we need to use it just like a perfume. We should mix it with a base oil, or we can substitute it with other volatile oils with mosquito repellent effects as well, then pouring it into a perfume bottle we spray it on our bodies and we rub it in with our hands.
Olive oil is suitable as a base oil. Unfortunately no remedy last forever, so we should repeat the use of this natural mosquito repellent once every 2 hours. By the way, lavender oil is an ingredient of many commercially sold mosquito repellents as well.

The recipe of home-made mosquito repellent

A more practical recipe for the above described:  to 1 oz (30 ml) of base oil (soy-oil, almond or jojob-oil, extra fresh olive oil) we add 10 drops of real volatile oil, then we shake it and spread it or spray it on our skin.
Be it said not incidentally, this same mixture, if made of lavender oil is excellently suitable against a headache by rubbing it on the temple (it’s even better with pure lavender oil), or against joint pains as a massage oil.

What kind of lavender oil should we use?

It’s true for all volatile oils, that only the real volatile oil is adequate, which is generally available at local producers or herb shops.       

And what if the mosquito has already bitten you?

Since a mosquito bite is a local inflammation, it should be treated as such as well, so everything is good for it that is effective against an inflammation. A lot of people recommend a vinegar pack, but what has already worked for many is exactly the treatment with lavender oil.