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Lavender heart wreath


If we only have a very little lavender at our disposal, but we are longing for some kind of very decorative, long lasting, dryable gift item, we should prepare a lavender heart braided on wire! It may even be prepared well in advance for Valentine’s day.

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Lavender glass jewellery

glass jewelry

The following will surely be a heart-warming sight for lavender fanatics, a lavender jewellery collection made of glass, by glass designer Andrea Kiernan.

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Preparation of home-made detergent – with lavender

lavender wash

The introduction of an environmentally friendly lifestyle is becoming more and more important to many of us in as many areas of our lives as possible, with which often we not only spare our environment but also our wallets. Because of this in our new column we will start introducing detergents and bathroom supplies made of natural substances.

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Purple lilac (seringa) wreath - Wreath for door

lilac wreath

I prepared the wreath base from cut down grape vines. At first I soaked it, then I stretched it on my knees a bit, so it won’t brake if I bend it and I coiled 2-3 vines round and round nicely one after the other. Other than this only flower tying wire and about 20-25 pieces of lilac are needed.

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Extraordinary lavender bags from Provence

lavender bags

In the following programme we introduce special lavender “bags” from Provence. The captions assist in identifying the various rooms: bathroom, bedroom, toilet, etc. It is available on-line at the Ho! Bouquet de Lavande lavender farm. Lavender fragrance bags that can be suspended from the window knob.

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How to Make Lavender Wreath - Tutorial


After the lavender harvest we returned home with a huge bouquet of lavender with the distinct objective of making a lavender wreath of it on that same afternoon.

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Lavender & Rose heart shaped wreaths

heart shaped wreath

Lavender and rose complement each other extraordinarily. Both plants appreciate dry and sunny places and limy soil. If lavender is planted around roses it drives the plant-louse away, thus they are excellent complementary plants.

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Making a Lavender Wreath

lavender wreath video

I believe, a video speaks more than a thousand words, so let the motions speak instead of us now.
In the following video you can track the preparation of the lavender wreath seen in the photo above, step by step, of which later can be an ornamental door adornment and natural room fragrance, or a heart-warming present.

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Extraordinary lavender wreaths

special wreath

Outstanding wreaths, more than beautiful. In our programme we selected from the wreaths available in assembled forms.

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Sculpted lavender dolls


Manually deft moms working together with dads can easily prepare the following creative ideas for their children.

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