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Sculpted lavender dolls

carved lavender

Manually deft moms working together with dads can easily prepare the following creative ideas for their children.

For the preparation a plane-smoothened pine wood board, a jigsaw, a wood-safe oven and some water colours or acryl paint will be needed. Well, and a sharp knife for the carving and some sand paper, so we end up with smoother edges.

The preparation of a lavender doll:

  1. We draw a rough sketch of the desired shape on the pine-wood board, cut it out with the saw, then with a sharp knife or a scalpel we carve the edges and smoothen the edges with sand paper.
  2.  We draw the sketch with a pencil, then we burn the pre-drawn sketch into the pine wood using the smallest marker of the scorching bit. We don’t need to press it too hard, because then the final result will be dotted. If you are doing this for the first time it’s worth experimenting on a test piece and getting a bit of experience.
  3. We paint the piece and we are already done.


carved 1

carved 2

carved 3

carved 4

Photo: Rjabinnik and Rounien - Flickr CC licence