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How to Make Lavender Wreath - Tutorial

Lavender Wreath Making step by step

After the lavender harvest we returned home with a huge bouquet of lavender with the distinct objective of making a lavender wreath of it on that same afternoon.

During the preparation I fitted altogether 55 pieces of 30 stem little bouquets into the wreath, thus I used 1650 lavender stems to make it.

The preparation of lavender wreath -
Wreath for door

I prepared the braided wreath base, the flower tying wire, a pair of scissors and the lavenders. I fashioned small bouquets in such a way, that I adjusted the heads of the blossoms to be in the same line, then I tied the first bouquet on the wreath base, turning it towards the right.

I tie the next bouquet on the wreath turned towards the left with a small distance, then on this way in a row, one from the right, one from the left. This is what will make the wreath really dense, and the green part of it can’t be seen anywhere, neither can the wreath base.

bouquet lavender

I coil the tying wire around the blossoms 2-3 times, then I cut the stems with scissors 3/4 - 1 inch (2-3 cm) further down.

step 2

The wreath is progressing very neatly, tying directly one to the right, one to the left. When the two sides reach each other the first bouquet has to be lifted and that is how we adjust the last bouquets under it.

step 3

My lavender wreath is ready.