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Purple lilac (seringa) wreath - Wreath for door

lilac wreath make

I prepared the wreath base from cut down grape vines. At first I soaked it, then I stretched it on my knees a bit, so it won’t brake if I bend it and I coiled 2-3 vines round and round nicely one after the other. Other than this only flower tying wire and about 20-25 pieces of lilac are needed.

 lilac 1

We coil the first blossom around with the wire, then we place the next blossom next to it and we coil that around a few times as well.

lilac 2

lilac 3

Here the wreath can be seen in a more advanced stage. If we wish it to be more opulent then we need twice as many blossoms, and they have to be placed more densely next to each other.

Just a few more blossoms are missing, and it’s ready. The preparation of the whole wreath took less than 5 minutes.

lilac 4

lilac 5

lilac 6

Unfortunately it’s not very long lasting, but it will be a nice adornment for 2 days, later we can try drying it, but for that we should lay it on a horizontal surface.