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Lavender heart wreath

lavender heart

If we only have a very little lavender at our disposal, but we are longing for some kind of very decorative, long lasting, dryable gift item, we should prepare a lavender heart braided on wire! It may even be prepared well in advance for Valentine’s day.

The preparation of lavender heart shaped wreath from thin wire

Very little raw material is needed for the preparation of the small lavender heart. We need a piece of bendable wire, green/purple coloured thread and 7-10 strands of fresh lavender blossoms.

 wire heart

We bend a heart shape from the wire. In my case the lower part of it became long because I want to stick it into a cake. If we just want a common heart shape, then we need to braid the ends of the wire together at the bottom. 

weaving 2

I tied the green thread to the curving part of the heart, then I fit the first lavender blossom on the wire and coiled it around with the thread so the blossom part had been tied around 2-3 times, as well.

weaving 3

After this I placed the blossoms in a row one by one under each other, and coiled the thread tightly around them. The thread merges so well into the wreath, that by the end it will be invisible, but just to be sure we should use merging green and purple threads. We don’t need a stronger bond then this. Perhaps I could imagine some really thin transparent nylon thread for it.


If one side is completed we should do the other side the same way, as well. At the very bottom I tie the thread and I make a knot.

large and small

cake decorations

We celebrated two birthdays on the same day, so one is intended for the smaller feted and the other for the bigger one.

how to make lavender heart