Lavender farms

Lavender harvest- skilled hands and machines- VIDEOS

lavender harvest video

We looked around how lavender is harvested in various regions, it would be worth organizing a contest someday with these miracle machines.

 At the lavender harvest we watched and tried certain forms of lavender harvesting, we saw a custom designed harvesting machine, several people were harvesting with hedge cutters, however, we started off into the sea of blossoms with pruning shears. It’s true that it was really hot, but it took us about 10 minutes to clear-cut a large bush, after all we are rookies.

Lavender harvest video program:

We found a great many methods, we have selected a few from these, but the harvesting bicycle that resembles an ambulance seen in the above photo definitely takes the prize. 

This gizmo from North-Carolina has an operating crew of 3, even though it is possible, that 3 more persons belong to the crew who are harvesting the lavenders manually hiding under the white sheet.


Manual harvest with a hedge cutter, it really is advancing fast with the rows.


Industrial scale harvesting machine at work, United States – State of Utah


Another mechanized harvesting method, the reaped crops are collected immediately in a giant sack.


Self-propelled lavender harvesting chariot, the system of the conveying-belt still needs a little perfecting.


Tractor riding young men from Bulgaria, the team is made up of a driver and 4 helpers with hay-forks.


A "Mars-roving" machine from France