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Lavender Swiss Italia Farm – Australia

The stone building of the ranch located on the Swiss Italia Farm in Australia was built by Italian speaking Swiss immigrants in 1860.

The current owner Carol White bought the territory 20 years ago, and renovated the house and the stables built in old, Italian style. Around the house there is an agrestic court yard with livestock, next to it are lavender fields, olive and chestnut groves, and in the distance there is a cultivated vineyard.

Italian style village tourism with lavenders in Australia

The house and its vicinity are excellently suitable for spending a relaxing afternoon, having a light pick-nick, walking in the olive garden and in the lavender fields. At the time of the lavender harvest around Christmas (we are in Australia!) a harvest festival is organized on the farm, where there is an opportunity to buy artisan products as well.  Here is another example, that lavender is suitable not only for industrial scale production, but it’s an excellent tourist attraction as well.

 swiss italia farm




la trattoria cafe

The La Trattoria Café coffee house is also located on the farm
Photo:, Cosy


Photo: Flickr avlxyz CC license 2.0