Lavender farms

Bridestowe Estate – a lavender farm in Tasmania

On the Bridestowe lavender farm in Tasmania, founded in 1921, premium quality lavender is produced on about 44 hectares acres, from which lavender oil is extracted.
They multiply the lavender themselves by propagating. They continuously observe the viability of the stocks, and after about 10 years of production they rest the soil with a longer term crop rotation.

Blossoming period in Tasmania

In Tasmania the lavender blossoming period falls to around December-January. Weed control is performed manually semi-annually, in the winter and before the blossoming period. The blossoms pollinated by bees will have a higher oil content, moreover as a “by-product” they are producing a commercial quantity of lavender honey. The yield of fully developed lavenders here in Tasmania is 5 tons per hectare. The plants are not irrigated because the annual rainfall is 900 mm and the lavenders have deep penetrating roots.

 lavender farm bridestowe

Pruning lavender is important

For the lavenders to be long-living, after blossoming a third of the stocks are pruned, this helps preserve the productivity of the plants. Without pruning the lavender becomes tall, slim and weak.

Lavender harvest with a “combine”

lavender tasmania

lavender harvest

As in several other locations, initially lavender was harvested manually, then in 1944 experimentation with a harvesting machine was started, from which by now a cheap and almost automatic lavender combine has been developed, which harvests 2.5 tons of lavender blossoms per hour, and in the same phase it performs the pruning of the stocks. It packages the lavender blossoms in 250 kg bags, which are immediately transportable to the distillery, where oil is extracted from them. This combine performs the work of 80 men. 2 hectares of land can be harvested with it per hour.



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Only a portion of the harvested blossoms goes to the lavender oil distillery, the rest is dried.
Extraordinary lavender products from Tasmania.

This is a video of the lavender farm: