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Yule Love It – Levendula farm

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The North-American Yule Love It Lavender Farm is headed by Iris Lee Underwood. Her love for lavender started a few years ago, when she was searching for herbs for a project.

Initially her husband didn’t believe in her dream, and while Iris was gaining experience at the Sequim lavender festival he went on vacation. In spite of this she managed to plant a few lavenders on a sample patch at their garden plot, and after the test garden survived the winter, in the spring of 2005 Iris planted 700 stocks of lavender with the help of her daughter Ruth. The lavenders were already blossoming, so in that same year she organized the first lavender festival on the garden plot, which was visited by 700 enthusiastic inquirers.

Bio lavender farm

Motivated by the success she planted another 200 stocks of lavender in the autumn, testing the autumn planting method. During the winter she was planning the festival of the next year, to which 1200 guests arrived.  She convinced her husband to purchase even more land and in 2006 the lavender farm increased by another 1000 stocks of lavender. Eventually the farm grew to be 5 acres (2 hectares), and a small shop was completed with a tea-coffee house, and a greenhouse for the production.

pictures farm

The farm is also special in that it operates as a sample farm: several varieties of lavenders are produced, and there is organic farming going on over the entire farm.

Photos of life on the farm:

mini lavender market

A small souvenir shop and tea-coffee house belong to the farm.

drying bouquets

Lavender bouquets are drying suspended on a rope.

lavender basket

Beautiful photo of the farm with a basket of lavender


A product from the Yule Love It Lavender Farm – lavender truffle with dark chocolate

vintage cafe

Coffee terrace on the lavender farm built in rustic, agrestic vintage style

Photos:  Flickr – aMichiganMom CC license 2.0