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A fantastic day- lavender harvest in Hőgyész (Hungary) – July 2012

A human being, as opposed to lavender doesn’t tolerate aridity, and doesn’t like burning sunshine either.

We realized this very quickly in the sweltering heat, in Hőgyész, a small town in Central-Hungary, when we participated in a harvest on the 1st of July, 2012.

If you asked me what the lavender harvest was like, I could say this: very, very, very. It was very good, very nice and very hot!

Even though at the time of harvest the blossom of lavender is not as purple any more as it is in full blossoming, still the lavender field provided a fantastic view. If someone doesn’t want to harvest, and would rather take photos the recommendation of Judit Söllei, the idea-proprietor of the farm is to visit next year in mid-June.


hogyesz 2

lavender market

After we arrived home we prepared a mace from the Hőgyész lavender, the wand similarly had a fruity, blossomy scent exactly like the oil.

summer heat


The harvesting of lavender

Glancing over a lavender plantation, on a huge area the sight of large purple lavender bushes fascinates me. So much so, that in our enthusiasm, even the desert like heat doesn’t stop us from standing on our feet.

On the 7,5 acres (3 hectare) field 20 labourers have been working for two days, but the lavender doesn’t seem to want to dwindle. The owner of the property told us, that last year the lavender yield was just half as much, however this year the yield has passed all of their expectations.

 They mechanized the harvest as well, with a self-developed lavender cutting machine, which was fitted on a small tractor. In spite of this, several more labourers are working on the harvest of the plantation, some with pruning shears, some with power hedge cutters. But the heat doesn’t have mercy on anyone. We have to take a rest from time to time.

The home page of the Hőgyész lavender farm:

Further photos of the lavender harvest:

hand harvest

basket full

collected flower

rows lavender


new plantations




levendula farm hogyesz