Lavender farms

Lavender distilleries – Hungary – Abbey of Pannonhalma Medicinal-plant garden

lavandula field

In the Pannonhalma garden lavender is produced on about 7,5 acres (3 hectares) without any chemical treatment. The seedlings necessary for planting are cultivated here, as well. The lavenders are harvested with a manual method and lavender oil is

In the garden two varieties of lavender are produced:

Lavandula Angustifolia Mill, commonly known as English lavender is smaller in size, its volatile oil yield is lower, but it has a more valuable composition. The hybrid lavender Lavandula x intermedia Emeric has a branching stem, grows more robustly and its volatile oil yield is higher (44-62 lbs/acres - 50-70 kg/ha). It blooms in the end of July and the beginning of August. In the garden of the Abbey an average of 28 gallon (110 litres) of oil is produced


distillery pannonhalma

In the distillery beside the Abbey’s lavender yield, lavender is processed, that arrives here from small-farmers in the vicinity, moreover from more distant parts of the country, as well. Even though lavender is a plant of the Mediterranean region, the sunny slopes of the Abbey’s garden make an ideal home for them. 

The process of lavender oil distillation

Phase 1. Steam production, which is performed in the cauldron containing the lavender blossoms

In phase 2. the oil evaporating at the high temperature of the steam is grabbed by the water-vapour flowing  through (hydro-distillation).

Phase 3 is cooling, where the mixture returns to liquid form.

Phase 4 is separation, where because of the different densities of water and volatile oil they separate from each other.

In phase 5  contaminants are removed by screening.

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