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Bulgaria is the Gold medallist – In Lavender production

The names of lavender and France, more exactly Provence are almost connected, endless lavender fields, countless lavender bouquets and a profusion of festivals.

Then a few weeks ago I was reading an English language article on a news outlet, on the impact of which I asked my girlfriend, about whom I knew, that in 2012 they chose Bulgarian seacoast as the destination for their summer family vacation, moreover, driving through the country by car.

 -    So, did you see any lavender fields?
 -    No, why, should we have?

As a matter of fact, yes, since in this year, in 2012 Bulgaria’s lavender production (more precisely lavender oil production), was the highest in the world, surpassing France.
In Bulgaria, because of its natural endowments lavender cultivation and processing have a serious tradition. Mechanization, distillation capacity, expertise and tradition.

Lavender harvest: A Bulgarian made “adapter” that can be fitted on a tractor, manufactured by Bizon-Ins, it is made in several sizes.


In Bulgaria lavender is produced on nearly 40,000 hectares (100 000 acres), mostly in the form of industrial, mechanized production. For a long time the lavender harvesting specialized machines arrived from France, now they already have their own lavender machine production.
They invest serious work into breeding new lavender varieties. There are 6 domestic, namely Bulgarian varieties on the market, which were intentionally bred for Bulgarian conditions. Moreover the cultivation of herbs and the distilling of volatile oils have an over 100 year old tradition in Bulgaria, which is supported by the government as well.

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The centre of lavender production is in the heart, the middle of Bulgaria, the Rose-valley with the city of Kazanlak as its centre.

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 Video sample of industrial lavender harvest.