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Village home in French style

country home Hungary

Provence, lavenders, French village life. All of this is just a wishful dream for most people. Our hosts, however, decided to make this a reality on their gardening plot with a Mediterranean climate.

 tower house

This fairy tale house reached its current form in decades. The converted wine pressing house is the home of an art painter-teacher couple with three children and 2 cats.

view from cottage

 arched terrace

This is a romantic house with a tower room and a real bride’s room adorned with laces.

old press house

The house was born from the conversion of a wine pressing house with lots and lots of ideas and love- in a French village style.


Even the terrace provides a fascinating sight, on the blue painted serving counter there are all the necessities of a summer meal in a great atmosphere.


mediterranean garden

In the garden the viewers, or those longing for relaxation are surrounded by cacti and Mediterranean plants.


cactus greenhouse

The host’s cactus collection is in the winter garden.

wooden terrace

fish shaped pool

A real stage leads to the fish-shaped pool.

figs and lavender

And the indispensable lavender



living room

The living-room adjoins the kitchen. The covers were carefully selected and hand-sewn by the housewife.

individual stoves

There is a traditional tile stove surfaced with black and regular ceramic.

painted cabinets

The art painter husband’s own handy work is the pride of this painted closet.


The kitchen burner is not just an ornament, this is where meals are prepared in the winter.

cooking stove

There is a village style kitchen with genuine French dining furniture. Every bit of the room testifies to the love of beautiful objects.

mentha syrup

 Menthe syrup, with a strand of genuine menthe