Lavender growing | Harvesting, pruning, propagation

Lavender in a pot

Lavender as the symbol of summer and Provence is the favourite Mediterranean plant of many of us.

 lavender pots

The fans of lavender don’t have to give up on this dear plant even if they don’t have a chance to live in a house with a garden or on a farm, since lavender can be excellently cultivated in a pot as well!

Lavenders blossom continuously from the end of June to August and planted in a pot we can place the lavender on the balcony, terrace, or on the stairs. We should always put lavenders in a sunny place, it doesn’t like shade. In the summer we should take care of the watering.

We can use the opened blossom in foods as a spice plant, or as a fragrance, moth-repellent, and as potpourri filled in a pillow.