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Planting lavender in the summer? - production conditions of lavender

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Someone who has fallen in love with lavender can certainly not stop herself from obtaining a few stocks of her favourite plant even in the summer. Lavender by itself truly isn’t a demanding spice and medicinal plant, but there are still conditions for successful cultivation.

Can lavender be planted in the summer, as well?

In the case of large amounts it’s not advisable to experiment even with the container method, because in the sweltering heat success is not guaranteed even with irrigation. As in general, it’s true for lavender as well, that the ideal planting period is the middle or end of autumn.

 new planting

The Lavandula Angustifolia planted in May became strong and it even bloomed. We were lucky with it.

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What type of soil should we plant lavender into?



In nature it prefers limy, stony not very nutrient rich soil, but it feels well nearly everywhere, except for the type of soil that has a high ground-water level, is damp, and strongly bound. A good example for its soil demand is the fact, that in various places sheep grazing fields, which are not suitable for the cultivation of anything else, are used for lavender production.

How frost tolerant is lavender? Can it be outdoors in the winter?

Lavandula Angustifolia and the Lavandula x. Intermedia (hybrid) species tolerate winter cold well (zone 5-8), the “Spanish” Lavandula Stoechas is not frost tolerant, but it can still be experimented with in places where the winter is mild, with careful covering.

From the lavender’s blossom, it’s relatively easy to recognize which variety of lavender we are looking at. Of course, just of the Anugustifolis variety, there are several dozen types and bred versions. The leaf and stem of the hybrid lavender (lavandin) are greener, Angutofolia (slim-leaf lavender) has a rather greyish  green foliage.
If we are planting lavender in a garden we should take into consideration the space demand of the particular species, which in the case of a healthy, fully developed English lavender can be as much as a good metre wide, while French lavender is smaller, it has dwarf varieties for small gardens, for bordering and for rock gardens.

In a pot however any variety may freeze more easily, they absolutely need covering!

Do not put it in a shady of semi-shady place!

Lavandula Angustifolia

Lavandula x intermedia

Lavandula Stoechas

What may also cause a problem in its cultivation is that it really loves sunshine, so it doesn’t survive in a semi-shady or shady place, it just languishes and grows to be long upward, but it may also be attacked by a fungal disease.

From the point of view of orientation, southern or south-western orientation is the most suitable, in places with eastern or northern orientation it doesn’t develop (because the sun doesn’t shine there).
In a sunny orientation with skill-full pruning and careful planting in 3-4 years we will be the proud owners of a beautiful lavender bush.

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