Romans loved lavender the most

It’s documented, that lavender has been used for 2500 years in the world for a variety of purposes. The name of lavender is of Roman origin, it can probably be traced back to two words, one of them is lavare – the word for washing, the other is livendulo – which means bluish colour.

Even the Romans recognized the significance of lavender, they regarded it as a medicinal plant, which prevents the spread of infections, but they used it as an insecticide and for washing as well. A Greek army doctor, Dioscorides wrote about the curative effects of lavender in 77 B.C., while he was collecting herbs around the Mediterranean.

lavender and roman

The ancient uses of lavender

According to Dioscorides, lavender used internally promotes digestion and stops a headache and a sore throat. When used topically it can be used for the cleaning of wounds, and it’s suitable for treatment of skin diseases as well, thus Roman soldiers carried lavender with themselves for the treatment of their wounds. It was used for the scenting of rooms and ground dusting.

ancient lavender

Romans scented everything with lavender

In Roman times lavender was such a popular plant, that Romans scented practically everything with it. Their hair, clothes, bath-water beds, even the walls of their houses were scented with lavender. Their fragrant oil named “nardium” contained lavender as well. Moreover women put lavender under their beds to increase passion.