The Lavender Journey – Planning a Provence Trip

Provance Lavende

France is famous of lavender cultivation and of its beautiful lavender fields.
For the residents there the sight of lavender fields is perhaps as common as wheat fields elsewhere. 94% of French lavender is produced in four counties of France: Alpes de Haute-Provence, Drome, Hautes-Alpes and Vaucluse. Here we can discover lavender and we can get acquainted with this fantastic plant even more closely, on the lavender journey.

The lavender journey

Lavender, through the ages has become the real symbol of Southern-France and Provence: lavender oil, lavender foods, honeys and syrups, perfume production, lavender aroma therapy have all become parts of Provence.

 The lavender journey is such a thematically assembled tour, summer vacation plan, based on which we can get to know all this, moreover we can wander through all the famous lavender fields and we can participate in factory tours. Lavender blossoms from the end of June to the end of August in France. This, of course, depends on the size of the lavender field, the elevation of the crop land and the weather.

The harvest of lavenders intended for drying starts in the beginning of July, and lavender oil is extracted from the blossoms harvested in the middle or end of July. Of a 1 hectare (10.000 m2) lavender plantation about 15-20 kg of lavender oil is extracted.

Lavender museum

musee de la lavande

The museum, which displays lavender cultivation and the past and present of lavender, is in the heart of the Luberon Regional Natural Park, 20 km from Avignon.


Lavender fields, Provence hiking routes on the map


Sault is a small town known as the capital of lavender in Provence. If we wish to wander the lavender fields on foot, then we recommend the 5 km hike between Sault and Aurel, which takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes and is marked by hiking route signs.
By car we can choose from several tour routes. On the lavender journey home page the recommended routes are shown on a map as well >>

Accommodations in Provence, lavender shops are on the map.

On the lavender journey home page local producers, shops, accommodations are introduced as well, on a map >>

Lavender festivals

In Sault the lavender festival is organized in the middle of August: contests, parades, folk-lore presentations and concerts attract the visitors.

In Valreas the lavender parade and celebration is in the beginning of August (Vaucluse)

In Digne les Bains (Verdon) the famous lavender parade is in the beginning of August:

Lavender factory tour in Provence Tour of the L’Occinate factory in Manosque (perfumes and cosmetisc) Tour of the Durance factory in Grignan : free 1 hour visit, in the course of which the lab and the production processes are displayed.


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