Tomita Farm – giant blossom-farm in Japan

rainbow plantation

Tomita farm is Japan’s largest and perhaps the world’s most beautiful blossom-farm!

Its peculiarity is that on each plantation the blossoms were selected according to the colours of the rainbow, and in each season a different plantation is blooming. Lavender, French marigold, red-weed and several other blossoms are cultivated on a total of 230 hectares (575 acres). The blossoms were selected so, in the spring, summer and autumn each, there is a rainbow striped area where the blossoms are blooming, but they also have an explicitly lavender plantation with several varieties of lavender.

The rainbow plantation

tomita flower farm japan

Photo: Flickr – Nakae CC license 2.0

color field

The rainbow field. In each season a different field is blooming.

autumn flowers

There is an autumn field, with blossoms which bloom in the autumn. On this field the blooming season lasts between the middle of August and the end of September.

lavenders fields japan

The traditional lavender “garden”


4 seasons at the Tomita blossom-farm –VIDEO

This fantastic sight can’t really be displayed on photos or even on video!


The history of Tomita farm

The over 100 year old family farm switched to lavender cultivation in 1958, and later they enlarged the blossom-farm with several other varieties of blossoms.

flower farm

Photo: Flickr – Yoppy CC license 2.0

The lavender plantation has been continuously developed, first a lavender distillery was brought into operation, which is Japan’s only lavender distillery, and a few years later soap production was started. In 1990 Tomita Farm’s lavender volatile oil won the first prize at the prestigious French “Lavender Perfume Fair”. The farm became really famous in 1976, when the photos of the farm were placed in the annual railroad calendar. It was after this, that tourists started to pour to the farm, for the service of whom the farm has been continuously expanded.

maps tomita

The map of the Tomita Japanese blossom plantation with the seasonally rotating blossom-fields

Potpourri house – Lavender ice-cream parlour

lavender ice cream

Tomita lavender ice-cream

The famous Tomita lavender ice-cream at the Potpourri house. The house also operates as gift-shop.



The lavender museum is located in this house and so is the gift-shop.

Dried blossom house

dried flower house

In the dried blossom house the visitors can marvel at various modern and traditional dried blossom compositions.

Forest house

forest house

This is a lookout and rest spot on the 230 hectare farm, from where there is a beautiful view of the entire area.

Oil distillery factory



Perfume work-shop


The perfume factory introduced lavender fragrances all over Japan. In the spectacle work-shop we can observe the process of perfume production close up.

Tomita Farm Greenhouse


In the greenhouse we can enjoy the miraculous colour and scent of lavender even in the middle of the winter!


flower house

This is where blossom seedlings, lavenders, cut blossoms can be bought and even the original lavender ice-cream can be tasted.

The accessibilities of Tomita Farm: