The Tihany lavender oil distillation plan - Hungary

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Currently, in Tihany, the “original home” of domestic lavender production, there isn’t a lavender distillery. Even though just as a dissertation,  Zsolt László, architectural designer, artist has been considering the best solution and invented a completely environmentally friendly solution, especially from the point of view of water utilization.

The Tihany distillery plan

Zsolt has been tied to Tihany since childhood by his grandparents, thus it was obvious that he should search for a topic for his dissertation in this area.


Photo: Flickr hamadryades CC 2.0 license - Tihany, Balaton

tihany lavender

 Fotó: Országalbum gilmur cc By 3.0 - Lavender fields Tihany



An industrial building from which fragrance leaves instead of smoke

The designer took every viewpoint into consideration for the placement of the building – the distance from the lavender fields, prevailing winds, sunshine etc.


The preparation of lavender honey

If it is already a lavender plantation, then the designer didn’t omit lavender honey either, so he planned a separate building for bee-keeping. The big benefit of bees is that they drive wasps out of the area, and during the harvest hives can be closed, which makes a bee-sting free harvest possible. On top of that, the producer acquires an extra product, lavender honey and from the bee-wax which is created as a by-product, candles can be produced.

The plans