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Lavender and rose – Photos

rose and lavender

Lavenders and roses complement each other excellently. They share the same needs – limy soil, sunny location, moreover lavenders chase away the parasites of roses, so gardeners have been gladly planting them side by side. On top of that they also complement each other in a bouquet as dried blossoms.

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Lavender fields in England

lavender fields in England

At first glance perhaps you wouldn’t even believe, that these beautiful “Mediterranean” lavender fields are in England.

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Bees and lavender – Photos


Lavender is an explicitly excellent honey producing plant, an endless lavender plantation is a real bee’s paradise.

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Dry lavender


Dried fragrant bouquets - Photos:

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Lavender fields from around the world – Photos

lavender fields

Endless sea with blue-purple waves, fascinating scent, this is what a blossoming lavender field looks like.

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