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Lavender lemonade

lavender lemonade

Several people requested that we write down the recipe of lavender lemonade. The recipe is indeed very simple, there is just one little trick to it, we somehow have to lure the flavour out of the lavender.

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Lavender gingerbreads – interview


Lavender is inexhaustible and fantastic. It doesn’t just inspire people in cosmetics and gastronomy but it shakes the imagination of artists, painters, ceramists as well. We questioned Mária Lipvszky-Drescher, the ceramist-industrial artist living in Tihany (Hungary) about how she came into contact with lavender.

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Lavender milk with milk-froth


During the cooler times some lavender delicacy is pleasant in the evenings. In this recipe I married my two great favourites, lavender and hot vanilla milk. This splendid drink with calming effect can be prepared using a variety of ingredients, but the method of preparation is the same.

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Lavender bouquet painted on a biscuit

painted flowers

I found probably the most fantastic and beautiful lavender painting today, that has ever been painted on a biscuit. Its preparation is super simple, of course only to someone who is so experienced in the handling of frosting.

Nothing else is needed for the biscuit then a biscuit base and 3 colours of frosting: white, purple, green. The rest is only a matter of manual skill.

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Home-made preparation of lavender honey – VIDEO

lavender honig video

This type of honey has a much stronger aroma then the “lavender-honey” collected by bees. Lavender -honey is real honey which is collected by bees from lavender fields, as opposed to lavender honey which is made of acacia-honey or assorted honey and dried lavender blossoms.

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Lavender milk-caramel candy

lavender toffee

I embarked on this work with great expectations and the result exceeded my every expectation. I wanted to create such a lavender candy, in which the aroma of the lavender makes itself felt gently, but it’s not the exclusive flavour, and I also didn’t want a candy made of “regular” sugar. This is how I arrived to the idea that I would amalgamate milk-caramel with lavender, and based on the opinions so far, a fantastic flavour was born. 

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Lavender lemon biscuit

lemon cake

The most popular form of use for lavenders in gastronomy is the favouring of biscuits. Besides chocolate its best pair is lemon. In this recipe we call our readers’ attention to a light lemon lavender baked mixed dough in a fruit-bread form, in which the three good friends the lavender, the lemon and the chocolate pamper out taste-buds at the same time.

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Acacia syrup recipe

acacia syrup

Now, in the middle of May the locust-tree is still blooming, so you don’t want to miss this delicacy with fantastic fragrance and flavour, quickly pick quite a few locust-tree blossoms and let’s get to work! And if we have already picked the locust-tree let’s dry a few blossoms, it will be good for tea or various other uses.

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Yule Love lavender scones

you love cake

This recipe is extraordinary because even though it’s made with lavender it’s not a sweet mill cake, but salty and in spite of this, some chocolate has to be added to it.

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Coffee with lavender milk-froth


On a very cool, gloomy April morning I had a fantastic idea! I would marry our dearly loved lavender with our favourite morning drink, coffee. The lavender milk-froth coffee was born from the marriage of these two.

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Homemade dandelion syrup


Many don’t know, that lion’s tooth (dandelion) is not “just” a furrow-weed but an herb as well.
It can be found on almost any kind of field. Lion’s tooth is an excellent blood cleanser and diuretic, it stimulates the functions of the liver and the kidneys. Lion’s tooth contains several vitamins and minerals:

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Miniature vanilla cream puff with lavender yogurt – RECIPE


The vanilla cream puff is a simple, but truly “elegant” and delicious cake, now we will make it a bit crazy with a new type of filling.

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Pine-honey against a bad cough

pine honig

Honey made of pine-trees, why not?
The traditional pine-honey is the honey with medicinal effects, which is collected by bees from the fresh sprouts of pine-trees.

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How to make lavender honey

lavender honig

After pine-honey and lion’s tooth, it’s proper to present one of my old well tested recipes, lavender honey. In my opinion this is not the real lavender-honey but its home-made version.

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Edible blossoms

edible flowers

People have been consuming blossoms since pre-historic times, to be exact, only edible blossoms.
When consuming edible blossoms the same viewpoints are worth paying attention to as in the case of mushrooms: eat those that are edible, nice looking and delicious, and not lastly, those that you know well.

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Lavender rose preserves

rose jam

In the recent days I heard from many of my acquaintances that they had never in their lives tasted anything that was prepared with lavender. For their sake I prepared this fantastically flowery preserve, for which beside the rose I used lavender and apple as well.

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Lavender peach ice-squash

peach ice

I read the recipe of this fantastic summer refreshing drink on Hauser Creek Farm’s home page, and I think that by all means, it’s worth trying in the great summer heat!

Even though the recipe contains champagne, if we prepare it for children, we can safely put milk in it instead or readily diluted lavender syrup.

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Lavender rose cherry pie

cherry pie

This biscuit was inspired by the traditional early summer pie, which is the great favourite of everyone.

We confidently recommend this biscuit to those, who are still timid about the usage of lavender as a spice, since its taste is so silky, almost transparently, pleasantly, slightly lavender flavoured, that it’s guaranteed that nobody will dislike it.

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Lavender syrup version 1

lavender syrup

Lavender syrup has countless preparation possibilities. In this recipe we present the lemon lavender syrup, of which an outstanding summer refreshment can be prepared.

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Lavender strawberry ice-cream (ice-lolly)

yogurt ice cream

This ice-cream has a very quick and simple recipe, which even children can prepare alone with a little assistance! I usually prepare them without an ice-cream machine in ice-lolly shapes.

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