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Lavender rose preserves

rose jam and lavender

In the recent days I heard from many of my acquaintances that they had never in their lives tasted anything that was prepared with lavender. For their sake I prepared this fantastically flowery preserve, for which beside the rose I used lavender and apple as well.

Rose preserve with lavender

3 apples
15 fragrant rose petals 3 ounce (80 g) – from a chemical free garden
10 strands of fresh lavender (or 6 dried strands)
1 1/2 cup (300g) sugar


The preparation of the preserve:

I take the rose petals off the rose one batch at a time, and I immediately cut off the white parts in the way they are in my hands, because in my experience if I leave these on them the preserve will have a bitter taste. If you rip the petals into a bowl in the beginning then later it will take 5 times longer to cut the white parts off them. After this I wash the petals, and I shell the blossoms off the lavenders.

cutting rose

rose and lavender

After this I start cooking the sugar with the apples, stirring it continuously, then when the sugar has melted I make it pulpy with a stick mixer. The apples would have been good with their skins as well because of their pectin content, but I didn’t feel like screening the skins thus I rather peeled the apples.


apple pectin

When this is ready I put the rose petals and the lavender in it and keep cooking it for 1-2 minutes, then I immediately put it in well washed glasses, rinsed with a bit of vinegar and between towels I let them cool off in a dry-pack. Whoever is afraid, that this will not last should cook the glasses in sparkling water-bath for 10 minutes.

rose petals

jam glass


I cover the preserves with towels well and let them cool off in this dry –pack.

lavendery rose jam

Of the amount above 1 ounce (30g) came out, about a 1/2 cup (1 dl) glassful. It’s ideal for Christmas presents as well, thus if we think ahead we can bring joy to many of our friends – of course it would be wise to investigate well ahead of time how they view preserves prepared of edible flowers.