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How to make lavender honey

After pine-honey and lion’s tooth, it’s proper to present one of my old well tested recipes, lavender honey. In my opinion this is not the real lavender-honey but its home-made version.

The original lavender-honey is the nectar collected by bees from lavender blossoms, while lavender honey is a medicinal delicacy made from real honey. The point is, that we extract the fragrance, flavour, aroma and other ingredients with medicinal effect from lavender blossoms with the help of honey.

make honig with lavandula

The preparation of lavender honey:

We place the lavender blossoms in a preserve glass and we pour any kind of honey that we wish on it and let it sit for quite a few weeks, then screening it through a strainer we pour it over into another glass. Since it’s not that easy to find dried lavenders in any period of the year for the preparation of the honey the dried lavender blossoms sold in any pharmacy as lavender tea will be sufficient. Unfortunately the colour of this is as purple as the ones dried in bunches, but it won’t be detectable on its favour anyway.

In the following English language video we can view the preparation of lavender honey, but those who don’t speak English can also prepare it based on this.

Homemade lavender honey - VIDEO