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Coffee with lavender milk-froth

On a very cool, gloomy April morning I had a fantastic idea! I would marry our dearly loved lavender with our favourite morning drink, coffee. The lavender milk-froth coffee was born from the marriage of these two.

coffee milk foam

It’s a real rarity. The lavender lent a very peculiar fragrance and aroma to the coffee, and since I didn’t cook the lavender blossoms into the coffee itself, but into the milk, the two don’t supress each other’s flavour and fragrance.

The recipe for the coffee is very simple:

Make a coffee of the variety you like and put lavender milk-froth on top of it.

The preparation of the lavender milk-froth:
Milk froth and lavender

For 3 cups of coffee we pour 1 tablespoon of dried lavender into a small cup of milk, and we boil it in the microwave in about 1.5 minutes. We flavour it according to taste even before cooking. After this we screen it straight into the milk whip-creamer and whip it into a cream with a few motions, and we scoop it onto the top of the coffee. 

Coffee with lavender milk-froth