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Lavender gingerbreads – interview

Lavender is inexhaustible and fantastic. It doesn’t just inspire people in cosmetics and gastronomy but it shakes the imagination of artists, painters, ceramists as well. We questioned Mária Lipvszky-Drescher, the ceramist-industrial artist living in Tihany (Hungary) about how she came into contact with lavender.

 painted  gingerbread

Lovely Lavender

After moving to Tihany, the way this miracle named purple gold suddenly surrounded me, it immediately moved my imagination. It completely enchanted me. Blossoms take a central place in my ceramics, graphics. I have particularly loved lavender for a long time, truth to be told for a long time I didn’t use it in my foods.

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honig cake

Purple herb spices

Lavender has to be handled cautiously as a spice, because its taste is bitter and its aroma is too intense, if overdone it maybe intrusive. However, prepared well, this medicinal plant can dazzle not only our eyes, but our other senses as well, for example our taste buds, too.

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Exclusive sweet

In my kitchen it has made its way into chocolate cake filling (until I tried I would have never thought that these two form such an exciting taste-meld), but I use it in other biscuits, meat-dishes, drinks as well. It’s an outstanding basic material for preparing bonbons, but we should try lavender caramel, honey, syrup, preserve, wine gel as well.