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Lavender syrup version 1

Lavender syrup has countless preparation possibilities. In this recipe we present the lemon lavender syrup, of which an outstanding summer refreshment can be prepared.

Simple Lavender Lemon Syrup Recipe


6 mugs of sugar
6 (preferably bio) lemon’s skin and juice.
2 mugs of water
2 mugs of lavender blossoms.

lavender syrup lemonade


We boil the sugar, the lemon skin and the lemon juice in water in a pan. When the sugar has completely melted, pour the lavender blossoms in it, turn off the stove. Let the brew sit with a lid on it for a few hours. After this screen it and boil it again. Pour the syrup into pre-sterilized bottles while it’s still hot, then let it cool down in dry-pack in a few days.

Fotó CC 2.0 license, stu_spivack, Flickr