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Lavender peach ice-squash

I read the recipe of this fantastic summer refreshing drink on Hauser Creek Farm’s home page, and I think that by all means, it’s worth trying in the great summer heat!

Even though the recipe contains champagne, if we prepare it for children, we can safely put milk in it instead or readily diluted lavender syrup.

peach iced drinks

Ingredients of the lavender “blended mix”:

1 large peach peeled and cut up
1 glass of ice-cubes
6-7 strands of fresh lavender with stem and leaves cut into little pieces (obtain it only from places where even the neighbouring fruit trees have not been sprayed with chemicals) 
½ glass chilled champagne


We boil the lavender cut into little pieces in ¼ glass of water, then we let it sit for 30 minutes and we screen it. We pour the screened lavender juice into the blender, we add the prepared peaches and the ice-cubes to it and we blend it into an ice-squash. We serve it immediately, we adorn the top with a strain of lavender.

Photo and source: Hauser Creek Farm >>