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Edible blossoms

People have been consuming blossoms since pre-historic times, to be exact, only edible blossoms.
When consuming edible blossoms the same viewpoints are worth paying attention to as in the case of mushrooms: eat those that are edible, nice looking and delicious, and not lastly, those that you know well.


Photo: CC 2.0 license flickr T.Kiya


Photo:  CC 2.0 license flickr dalancarter

Since to many, the consumption of blossoms may be strange, in the beginning we shouldn’t serve large heads of blossoms, rather we should separate them into smaller pieces, tear them into petals and sprinkle those onto the dishes. But blossoms can be consumed not only raw. There are many recipes about syrups, gels, preserves and dressings. Let’s, for example, think about the elder syrup that is now almost considered traditional!

Most blossoms are not only beautiful but have medicinal effects as well, just be careful not to bring blossoms sprayed with pesticides into the kitchen under any circumstance. 

A list of edible blossoms (short list):

Sambucus nigra - Elderberry
sweet violet
breckland thyme blossom
linden blossom