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Pine-honey against a bad cough

Honey made of pine-trees, why not?
The traditional pine-honey is the honey with medicinal effects, which is collected by bees from the fresh sprouts of pine-trees.

The home-made preparation of pine-honey:



For one preserve glass of pine-honey one glass of any type of honey, and a big handful of pine tree sprouts are needed.

The ideal time to make pine-honey is the end of April and the beginning of May. Pine-trees begin to bud at this time, and we will use these buds at the end of branches to make our honey. From each pine-tree we should only pick as many sprouts that will not hinder its development.

We wash the sprouts, dry them and put them in a preserve glass. We pour the original honey we selected ourselves (blossom-honey, acacia-honey), and we put the closed glass out in the sunlight for 1-2 months.

pine honig recipe

The consumption of pine-honey

We can eat pine-honey by itself, but if we put it in tea we should always wait until the tea cools to lukewarm, otherwise the important enzymes in the honey disintegrate.