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Homemade dandelion syrup


Many don’t know, that lion’s tooth (dandelion) is not “just” a furrow-weed but an herb as well.
It can be found on almost any kind of field. Lion’s tooth is an excellent blood cleanser and diuretic, it stimulates the functions of the liver and the kidneys. Lion’s tooth contains several vitamins and minerals:

How to Make Dandelion Syrup

 homemade dandelion syrup

Lion’s tooth - Dandelion: is an herb as well

Every part of Lion’s tooth has a medicinal effect, thus the syrup prepared from the blossoms also contains all the beneficial ingredients that are in the plant. The flavour of the syrup is similar to that of honey, and its use is identical to that of honey, as well. We can drip it on challah, buttered bread and we can put it in biscuits or tea, as well.

Let’s choose a nice sunny morning for the picking. We will need the petals of about a 150-250 blossoms. Let’s shake the blossoms and after returning home, spread them on newspaper or paper towels for 1 hour so the bugs can crawl out of them. Do not wash the blossoms!


Pre-treatment: some people take the petals off the green part, others cook them together with the green part.

The preparation of lion’s tooth syrup:

We put the blossoms into 1 pint (5 dl) of cold water and start cooking it slowly. When the water begins to boil we turn off the stove and we let the concoction sit for the night. On the next day we strain the fluid through a screen. We squeeze the moisture out of the blossoms with our hands as well.

We mix half a kilo of sugar into the fluid and we add the juice of half a lemon to it.

We put the pan on the stove without a lid and we start warming it on the lowest setting so it won’t boil with bubbles and we start thickening it. This may take as long as 2 hours.

There are several versions about the amounts needed for the preparation of lion’s tooth honey, here are some well tested recipes:

Recipe 1 : for 2 handfuls of dandelion, 2 pint (1 l) water and 5 cup (1 kg) sugar
Recipe 2 : 500 dandelion blossoms, 1 lemon, 1 orange, 2 pint (1 l) water,  5 cup (1 kg) sugar
Recipe 3 : 150 dandelion blossoms, 1 lemon, 1 1/4 cup (250g) sugar, as much water as will cover the blossoms.

Photo: flickr – Keira - flickr – justgrimes: CC license 2.0