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Lavender lemonade

lemons lemonade

Several people requested that we write down the recipe of lavender lemonade. The recipe is indeed very simple, there is just one little trick to it, we somehow have to lure the flavour out of the lavender.

 Lemonade is an excellent refreshment any time of the year, since it can be prepared from fresh or dried (lavender tea) lavender.    

Lavender lemonade recipe:

We throw 1 tablespoon of lavender into 1/2 cup (1-2 dl) of hot water, we let it sit for half an hour, then we make lemonade – with sweetener, sugar or neither, according to taste – to which we mix the lavender fluid and chill it well. Freshly squeezed lemon juice is the best, perhaps with a bit of grated lemon peel. If there is only fresh lavender, then pulverize them well before soaking them. It is fine without hot water as well, the point is to allow time for the flavour of the lavender to steep thoroughly.

I usually screen it immediately before pouring it into a glass, so the flavour steeps out of the spice as thoroughly as possible.

Lemon balm and menthe lemonade are prepared with the same method, all three are very good refreshments in the sweltering heat.